Wastewater Treatment Plant

Dairy Waste Water Treatment Plant

Dairies generate highly pollutant Waste Water. Because milk and milk products get mixed with water and such water contains high organic load, there is need to treat diary Waste Water. Akar designs and supplies dairy Waste Water Treatment Plants. Many such dairy Waste Water Treatment Plants are in operation for years now.

Textile Dyeing Waste Water Treatment Plant

Textile dyeing industries need huge quantity of water for textile dyeing, which they normally pump out repeatedly from the ground or natural water sources resulting in depletion of ground water level.

In the dyeing process textile industries generate huge quantity of toxic effluent containing colours, sodium sulphate, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide and traces of other salts. These are generated after dyeing and after washing of garments / fabrics. After dyeing the waste water produced is called Dye Bath water and after washing the waste water generated is called wash water. Dye Bath contains higher solids in the range 4-5% whereas wash water contains only 0.5-1% solids. Treatment of this type of Waste Water is complex because apart from high BOD and COD levels, such Waste Water has colour, which is difficult to treat.

Paper Industry Waste Water Treatment Plant

We have supplied many Waste Water Treatment Plants for paper industries. Paper industries have high BOD and COD. It requires careful consideration to treat such waste water. The waste water also emits smell and has high content of TSS, which must be controlled. Our plants have been operating successfully for the past two decades.

Waste Water Treatment Plant

As per statutory requirements treatment of waste water from any type of industrial or domestic waste is compulsory. Akar has supplied waste water treatment plants for many food processing plants. Shown above is a picture from one of the Waste Water Treatment Plants supplied by Akar in Nepal for a food processing plant unit.

Oil Refinery Waste Water Treatment Plant

As the sentence indicates, oil refinery Waste Water Treatment Plants are installed to treat Waste Water generated from refinery processes. As the name indicates, these industries release Waste Water rich in mineral oils and grease. Some of it may even be emulsified. Therefore treatment by Dissolved Air Flotation equipment (DAF) alo becomes essential. Akar has supplied several Waste Water Treatment Plants for refineries in India.

Mobile Drinking Water Treatment Plant

Akar has designed, manufactured and supplied Akar Mobile Drinking Water Treatment (AMDWAT) Plants. These are mounted on trolleys and have all equipment required mounted on it. AMDWAT Akar Mobile Drinking Water Treatment Plants are available in multiple configurations and for a variety of raw water. The equipment shown in the picture is for surface water treatment. We also manufacture Akar Mobile Drinking Water Treatment (AMDWAT) Plants for turbid water, and underground water. The equipment can be supplied also with generator if required.

Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plant

Almost all industrial processes using water as a cleaning or washing agent, have to dispose of water contaminated by process raw materials or consumables. Such polluted water called industrial effluent is not allowed to be released on the ground or in an aquifer unless it is treated to meet certain statutory norms. Some of these industries release highly polluted effluents requiring exhaustive treatment. We design, manufacture and install plants and systems which, treat such pollutants and reduce pollutant levels in treated water to acceptable levels. Such industries could be dairy, leather tanneries, textile processing or dyeing units, food processing industries, electro plating industries, paper industries and many other industries use our Industrial Effluent Treatment Plants to treat their waste water.

Tertiary Treatment for Waste Water

A Waste Water Treatment Plant sometimes needs to have tertiary treatment if the quality of treated water needs to meet much stricter parameters. Tertiary treatment follows Secondary Treatment and includes polishing of treated water. Tertiary treatment could include filtration, softening, demineralization, R.O. treatment, De-alakalizing etc. The equipment to be applied depends upon the final product water quality required.
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