Sewage Treatment Plants

Mobile Sewage Treatment Plants

Our firm is a noteworthy enterprise offering top grade Mobile Sewage Treatment Plants. We offer Dynamic Bio-Reactor System (ADBR) that is a compact mobile sewage treatment. The product has a skid mounted design which allows for easy assembling and disassembling unit, providing greater mobility for transportation. It uses 65% less space and energy and is offered in large capacities to meet client requirements.


Capacity Range:


  • Mini: 10,000 Liters Per Day (suitable for 90 residents or 90 PE)
  • Midi: 6,00,000 liters per day (suitable for 5600 residents or 5600 PE)


Our ADBR has the following advantages:


  • No foul smell - Plant is fully enclosed.
  • Treatment process retention time reduced by more than 60%.
  • Space and energy saving of more than 60 %.
  • Ready for almost immediate installation.
  • Easily transportable. Mounted on skid.
  • Can be mounted on trailer (if required) and moved to different places.
  • No major civil concrete works required at site.
  • Saving on piping works requirement at site.
  • Lockable from front. (If Required)

Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants

We are a noteworthy enterprise engaged in the fabrication of top grade packaged sewage treatment plants that are used for the purpose of treatment and recycling of sewage. By using these plants, one can facilitate the reuse of sewage-recycled water, which aids in reducing the rate of depletion of surface and ground waters. Acknowledged for ease of operation, low ownership costs, low footprint & high aesthetics, these are readily accepted in the market. The plant is manually operated custom-built system and is designed in accordance with the client preferences and can be provided with automation as per their requirements.

Fixed Surface Aerator

Our firm is a reckoned entity offering superior grade Fixed Surface Aerator that is known to provide mechanical means of oxygen transfer which enables effective treatment of sewage or industrial effluent. The mechanical surface aerators and floating surface aerators offered by our firm are known for their durable construction and flexible designs enabling optimum utility to the client for various industrial water treatment processes. It offers multiple degrees of automation including a separate setting for aeration intensity. To meet the client specifications in an effective manner, we provide installation of these machines in configuration as per their preferences.

Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors

Our firm offers superior grade  Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor of different capacities ranging from 10 KLD upto 1000 KLD in the Mini and Midi range. These systems are acknowledged by our clients for optimal functionality and long service life. They can avail these systems at the most reasonable rates in the market.

Diffused Aeration System

We bring forth an immaculate variety of Diffused Aeration System that finds application where large quantity of water is to be aerated. The product involves a blower or a set of blowers that are used to generate compressed air of required quantity. Further, this compressed air is conveyed at the bottom of waste water tank and released through a set of diffusers.


Mainly two types of diffusers are offered, one is called "Coarse Bubble Diffuser" and the other is called "Fine Bubble Diffuser". The diffused aeration systems for treatment of waste water offered by our firm are available as complete systems with blowers and all in-basin aeration equipment. In the system, air is injected into the effluent water at a fixed pressure such that in the ultimate analysis, the water receives the desired quantity of oxygen to maintain a given level of Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids (MLSS).

Packaged Compact Sewage Treatment Plants

We have developed a specialized Sewage Treatment Plant Process, ADBR (Dynamic Bioreactor) Systems. These systems save 65% space and are modular. Up sizing of the plant, when required is simple and economical. We have also developed many customer friendly and customer specific solutions.
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