Sewage Pumping Station

Pumping Sewage Station/Sewage Pumping Station

Pumping station design is a complex subject. At Akar, we have the capability and design department to make detailed design, supply equipment and carry out installation, testing and commissioning of Pumping Stations. We have designed, installed and commissioned several pumping stations apart from setting them up for our own supplied Sewage Treatment Plants and Industrial Effluent Treatment Plants.

Industrial Waste Water Pumping Station

We have installed and commissioned many pumping stations in India and overseas. Pumping station design includes complex calculations of hydraulics and space management apart from complex electrical load calculations and efficient routing of cables to minimize the cost.

Compact Sewage Treatment Plant

Compact Sewage Treatment Plants are ones which, by virtue of their treatment process efficiency, able to reduce their foot print much lower than other processes and enables the entire plant to be made into a package. ADBR (Akar Dynamic Bio-Reactor) has this capability. We have packaged not only mechanical equipment into the steel box, but also treatment tanks, which need considerable time and expense to construct at site needing huge manpower. Compact Water Treatment Plants not only save space, they also do not release any odor, because they are closed. There is no chance of foul smell to escape into the atmosphere. Depending on customer’s requirement, compact Sewage Treatment Plant is made fitting the available area at the customer’s site..

Hospital Sewage Treatment Plant

To treat sewage generated from hospitals Akar supplies Sewage Treatment Plant for hospitals. Usually hospitals are constrained for space due to the fact that they are located in densely populated areas. Release of foul smell is also an important issue. Akar supplies Sewage Treatment Plants for hospitals that take care of these problems. We have supplied Sewage Treatment Plants to many hospitals in India.  Many such plants are in operation for years now.

Mobile Sewage Treatment Plant for Camp Sites

ADBR (Akar Dynamic Bio-Reactor) system is a mobile packaged Waste Water Treatment Plant, which could easily be mounted on truck. Apart from its mobility,   ADBR (Akar Dynamic Bio-Reactor) system is packaged and fully enclosed. This ensures no foul smell is released into the atmosphere. Moreover majority of the equipment is pre-installed, thus requiring minimum installation at site. Akar’s ADBR (Akar Dynamic Bio-Reactor) system is a full-fledged Mobile Sewage Treatment Plant. The plant is designed such that it is able to be shifted from one location to another, with minimum dismantling and installation. Hundreds of Akar Mobile Sewage Treatment Plants are in operation worldwide.

Automatic Sewage Treatment Plant

We supply fully automatic Waste Water Treatment Plants in which not only pumping, but DO control, filter backwash, alternating equipment operation etc. are all done automatically. All vales used are control valves and operation of the plant can be monitored through SCADA system in remote mode. The system can be connected with net and can be monitored from remote location. Given here is a picture of a plant installed by us at an International Airport.
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