Pressure Sand and Activated Carbon Filters

Pressure Sand Filter

Sand filtration is frequently used and very robust method to remove suspended solids from water. The filtration medium consists of a multiple layer of sand with a variety in size and specific gravity. Sand filters can be supplied in different sizes and materials both hand operated or fully automatically.
Raw water pump is used for generating necessary operating pressure in the pressure sand filter. Raw water is passed through Sand Filter at a pressure of 3.5 kg / cm2 to reduce the suspended solids present in the raw water.

The filter will effectively remove up to 30 – 50 micron of the suspended solids to less then 5 ppm. The filter will have to be washed with raw water for 20 to 30 minutes daily. To filter the partials below 30 – 50 micron cartridge filter is used.


Applications for sand filtration :
• Preparation of cooling water
• Treatment of waste water
• Production of drinking water
• Filtration in swimming pools
• Pre filtration for membrane systems
• Filtration of gray or surface water
• Swimming pool water

    Pressure and Activated Carbon Filters

    Our Pressure and Activated Carbon Filters are simple in construction and easy to operate and maintain. They are available with Manual Backwash as well as Auto BAckwash system. Some of the recent FRP equipment supplied by standard manufacturers are difficult to maintain. They are also susceptible to breakage. We have therefore avoided using them, although the technology is available to us. We make Pressure Sand Filters in both Mils Steel (Carbon Steel) as well as in Stainless Steel. Design of the internals may vary according to customer specifications. Usually for small or medium sizes Retainers are used for flow distribution. The filters are usually down Flow type.
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