Clarifiers and Clariflocculators

Lamella Clarifier

In a wastewater treatment plant, a Lamella and Tube Settler is unavoidable. A clarifier is also a settling tank. Lamella settler is very popularly used in a wastewater treatment plant. Akar manufactures a variety of lamella settlers such as inclined plate settlers or tube deck settlers. In recent years use of plastic media has become very common. Akar supplies the entire range of settlers in a variety of constructions.

Settling Tanks

Settling tanks / lamella / parallel plates / tube settler

As mentioned earlier, there are many types and varieties of settling tanks and clarifiers. Akar designs and manufactures all of them. Amongst them are also included simple conical bottom settling tanks, lamella settling tanks, parallel plates settling tanks, tube type settling tanks etc. In the recent years a lot of research and development has gone into introducing various types of plastic media, which enhance settling time and reduce space requirement. Akar utilizes different types of shapes and sizes and media to offer the best value for money to its clients.  


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